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Is it dodgy?

So, lately, as many of you are aware, Mark Zuckerberg has been fighting his lawsuit about Facebook and people's privacy. This has sparked many a folk to question how much of their information and personal details are absorbed by the Facebook app and whether it does actually breach their privacy rights. I read the other… Continue reading Is it dodgy?

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I saw this on Facebook and thought I'd share about me... ▪️Favourite smell: Dior, Sauvage (for men) I bought this aftershave for my boyfriend on a whim and it smells absolutely gorgeous. Many women have commented on how amazing he smells. ▪️First job: working behind a bar which I loved but it was a part-time… Continue reading

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Feeling Forever Thwarted

Do you consider yourself a hard worker? Do you put your heart and soul into your job because it's something you love doing and want to progress and flourish in your career? Do you ever fall under the radar but see colleagues get promoted when they're not even good at their job? Because, same! That's… Continue reading Feeling Forever Thwarted

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Why ’13 Reasons Why’ Can Help

Yes, I agree, this programme is graphic and harrowing and completely devastating for both teenagers and adults. As I eagerly anticipate the second season being dropped on Netflix soon (and, yes, I was one of those people who believed the rumour that it was going to be delivered to us on 31st March 2018) I… Continue reading Why ’13 Reasons Why’ Can Help

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Perfect Peaches

Ahhh, Savannah, Georgia. I did not know what to expect in Savannah as I only knew Georgia for its peaches. However, this turned out to be a beautiful city next to the Savannah river.  It's a quiet place but there are lots of quirks which really make this city unique.  The roads lined with streetlamps… Continue reading Perfect Peaches

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Airboats and Alligators – Florida

So, after the first night staying in a lovely hotel in Miami, we travelled to Key West, Florida to...yes, you guessed it, camp! This was my first experience camping and I was both excited and nervous because, not only was it my first night camping, it was my first night with a group of strangers.… Continue reading Airboats and Alligators – Florida

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Livin’ the American Dream

I did!  I really, truly did! It was 8th May 2015 when I started my 80 day travel across North America. I travelled with 12 other travellers (who I'd never met before) through a company called Trek America; we had a designated driver who followed the route provided and we camped our way through 48… Continue reading Livin’ the American Dream

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Packing and Preparing for Trek America

I decided to write this post to help out anyone who is thinking of going travelling with Trek America. When I was planning for my trek in 2015, one of the hardest things to do was plan effectively. Now, I took part in The Great 48 trek which took at least 80 days to complete,… Continue reading Packing and Preparing for Trek America

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To Travel is to Grow

So, a few years ago I decided to go travelling.  This was following a break-up from a long-term relationship (seven years) and I just had to spread my wings and be free. As I had never considered travelling before, I knew I had to be careful when choosing my destination; however, I also knew that… Continue reading To Travel is to Grow