So, first and foremost, I’m a teacher.  A job that I went through hell with at the start but ended up becoming stronger with, personally, emotionally and mentally.  I love the career path I’ve chosen and I can’t imagine doing anything other than teaching!  It’s rewarding, humbling, challenging but so inspiring!

I have a boyfriend called Lee.  We met through work (as many people do!) and we plan to move in together over the summer… watch this space!

We own a beautiful Beagle called Bruce.  He’s almost one so he’s constantly up to mischief and keeps us on our toes.  However, I would never change him for the world.  He’s part of our family now and we love him (and his quirks) dearly.

I love makeup.  I’ve started several blogs over the years, one being beauty-themed but I felt, with my job, I was unable to sustain a “presence” through social media.  So, I decided to dedicated a blog to my life as a whole rather than focusing on a niche.  At least then I’ll be able to babble without people questioning my theme.

Music and Movies are my two favourite Ms.  I have a real passion for both.  I have a real eclectic music taste but my most-loved band will always be The Smiths! Closely followed by The Ramones and The Doors.

My favourite movie?  Stand By Me.